Flynn Fellows Attend Inaugural “Compassion in Action” Healthcare Conference

Four recent graduates of the Susan D. Flynn Oncology Nursing Fellowship Program were sponsored by Mr. Stephen Corman and Fred Flynn (Fellowship Program founder) to attend the Schwartz Center’s Inaugural “Compassion in Action” Healthcare Conference on June 25-27,

2017 in Boston. The conference, which focused on promoting “best practices” in compassionate care, featured several leading practitioners in this field and attracted over 500 attendees.

From left to right – Sarah Woods, Oncology nurse at Mass General; Dr. Mary Eanniello, Nurse Educator at Hartford Hospital; Amanda Weaver, Oncology nurse at Johns Hopkins Hospital; Jaclyn DiYeso, Fairfield University senior; and Stephanie Jorgensen, Pediatric Oncology nurse at New York Presbyterian Hospital.

Dr. Mary Kate Eanniello, nurse educator for the Hartford Healthcare Cancer Institute at Hartford Hospital and program manager for the Susan Flynn Oncology Nursing Fellowship Program there, conducted a Workshop at the conference on June 25. The program highlighted the research done by two Flynn Fellows who interned there last summer and was entitled, “Resilience on the Frontline of Care: Organizational Strategies to Foster Compassion and Sustain Resilience in the Face of Trauma and Emotional Suffering.”