Flynn Fellows Attend Prominent Palliative Care Conference

“The 13th Annual Edith Richner Palliative Care Conference held on June 2nd at Molloy University provided a wealth of information in the field of palliative care. As an aspiring oncology nurse in the Flynn Fellowship Program, I had the opportunity to attend. One of the sessions that had a lasting impression on me was entitled “Holistic Nursing: Healing for Yourself and Your Patients”. The presenter, Joanne Christophers, highlighted how a holistic approach in nursing can benefit the patient as well as the caregiver. In caring for others, self-care is vital in order to provide optimal care to our patients. We need to influence our health positively through healthy food, exercise, sleep, and relaxation. The benefits of self-care ultimately strengthen our role as caregivers in very stressful environments. I look forward to attending future conferences to broaden my knowledge, understanding, and expertise in the field of oncology/palliative care.”

Isabella Ulrich
2023 Flynn Fellow at Greenwich Hospital
Quinnipiac University, Class of 2024

“As an oncology nurse in training, this conference gave me the confidence and tools necessary to communicate with my patients, regardless of age, and enable them to open up to me. I was delighted to attend a breakout session called “Supportive Oncology: A Journey of Evolving Goals of Care”, in which we discussed the care continuum and how to reevaluate patients’ goals of life in each stage, heavily focusing on reflection and happiness. Furthermore, I also attended a session entitled “Siblings Do Matter: Supporting and Empowering Siblings of Medically Fragile Children” in which the siblings of medically fragile children were the main focus. It was extremely helpful to learn about the tools of integrative therapies including music therapy, art therapy and communication techniques to help a pediatric oncology patient open up. I found that the key to taking care of others is to treat yourself with kindness first and caring for others becomes natural.”

Kaitlyn Mohr
2023 Flynn Fellow at New York Presbyterian Hospital
Molloy University, Class of 2024