Several Flynn Fellows Present ‘Evidenced-Based Practice’ Research Projects at ONS Conference

Pictured Above: Abigail Hayes, Taylor Ashby, PJ Scarperi, Claire Clifford, Gwen Dolce and Amy Kaiser.

Five recent Flynn Fellows presented Posters on their distinguished ‘evidence-based practice’ research projects April 26 at the prestigious 2024 Oncology Nursing Society Conference in Washington D.C.

Abigail Hayes, a Fairfield University student, presents her project “Fertility Preservation in Female Pediatric Oncology Patients: A Systematic Review of Literature”. She said, “I had the honor of presenting my evidence-based practice project at the 49th Annual ONS Conference. Alongside other Flynn Fellows I also had the eye-opening experience of attending various research sessions that expanded my understanding of oncology nursing. I’m grateful I had the opportunity to participate in this exciting event on behalf of the Flynn Foundation”.

Taylor Ashby, a University of Connecticut student, presents her project “Bedside Handoff and Patients’ Perception of the Quality of their Care”. She said, “I had a great experience at ONS learning more about oncology care, specifically the amazing new interventions and research that nurses are contributing to the field”.

PJ Scarperi, a Villanova University student, presents his project “Caring Beyond Cure-Perspectives of Pediatric Oncology Nurses on Palliative Care and End of Life Care”. He said, “The ONS Conference was a wonderful experience to learn more about oncology care while also meeting other professionals who share a similar passion. It was great to present my work supported by the other Flynn Fellows in attendance”.

Gwen Dolce, a Boston College student, presents her project “The Evolution of the Neutropenic Diet”. She said, “I had an incredible time exploring different subsets of oncology nursing at ONS. This conference not only solidified my dream to be an oncology nurse but allowed me to make meaningful connections and bring new ideas, research, and experience back to my college and career moving forward”.

Hannah White, a University of New Hampshire student, presents her project “A Culture of Caring in Radiation Oncology”. She said, “Presenting my poster grew my confidence and allowed me to feel proud of my work. It also gave me the opportunity to learn alongside other oncology nurses who were passionate about their own projects. I am very thankful to have attended this conference”.